175 taxi licenses in Vancouver April, 2017

175 new taxi licenses might be issued in the City of Vancouver.

A taxi license has value. Let’s assign $15. per day to that value.

175 licenses are therefore worth a million annually!

Does Council plan to gift a million dollars annually to the 4 companies who currently control the taxi industry in the City?

Here’s a better idea.

Encourage individual ownership of taxis, the owner operator.

All new licenses are for 52 months, long enough to run any car into the ground. May be timed to cover 5 peak seasons like pre-Christmas or cruise ship season.

License fee to be paid to the City monthly.

Applicants must be individuals.

An owner must drive the car a thousand hours a year.

They may hire others.

The owner may operate individually, form a group with others, or arrange for dispatch service with an established company.

Licenses would be auctioned in batches as additional service is needed, perhaps 40 at a time.

Sealed bids.

Each bidder would state the maximum monthly amount which they would pay to receive a license.

Only one price would be set for all 40. It would be the 40th highest price bid.

Successful bidders would have to post the last 3 months fee.

Drivers and cars would be subject to criminal checks and other conditions as at present.