.Copyright  2013  Francis B. Jameson     Reprints welcomed with acknowledgement

VancouveRRR is about Civic issues in and around the City of Vancouver, Canada.

Most issues are not unique to one city, but one is best to write about what one routinely sees.

Each article aims to present the facts of any situation.

Data Drives Decisions, good decisions.

Arguments which start with a conclusion, then seek people’s opinions in support of the conclusion,                                              ,    ,  ,    or which select facts which do not contradict the conclusion, or merely ignore research completely, surround us every day.

VancouveRRR aims to counteract this pattern.

This is something which the media seem rarely to do anymore.

VancouveRRR does not claim to be of scientific quality or commendable journalism, just much better than the 6 o’clock news.

Material will be retained unless revised or no longer relevant.

As of January 1, 2013, two topics will be emphasized: development and urban people transportation.                                        .   Sea Level Rise is of course paramount, but it’s so difficult to get anyone to do anything but talk about it.

The writer, Frank Jameson, was born in Vancouver and currently lives in the City, but has lived outside of Canada.

Individuals wishing to submit material on the topics may send same to info@VancouveRRR.ca

To be considered for posting, articles should include supporting data or links to it.

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