Argentine Tango – Bistro Tango

. Bistro Tango Vancouver 

A neighbour of mine worked for several years as a mining engineer in Chile and Argentina. He told me that they would go dancing in a casual atmosphere at various local venues. Tango music would be prominent, but there would also be a variety of other dances.  Food and beverage were an integral part of the evening.

Bistro Tango wants to provide that casual ambiance around Argentine Tango Vancouver.

Let’s start with a leisurely evening of dancing, with tapas and beverages, at Pepitas Mexican tapas restaurant on burrard at 4th in kitsilano. Wednesday, September 14, 2016, from 7 to 10.

This will be an evening for dancing and enjoying listening to Tango musIc.  It’s also a casual lounge evening. The hope is to encourage people who already enjoy other styles of partnership dancing, or merely dance as a form of motion, to add Argentine.

Experienced tango dancers are very welcome to join in this informal evening.  Bring your own table group or join the meetup table.  Instructors and hosts of milongas and practicas are very welcome to bring their flyers and dance a demo.

Pepitas Uruguayan hosts, Alejandra and Richard have invited Frank to deejay for Bistro Tango.

Reasonably priced menu includes some small plates suitable for sharing, tapas style. Sample one item from this tapa, one from that. A few hot items, spicy sausage, jalapenos; mostly quieter, spice it up with the tabasco sauce or salsa.

Margaritas, a couple of  taps, a few wines. .

Arrive for 7, or arrive later, or leave early. Closing time on week-nights is 10 p.m.

Let’s make Pepitas a really fun evening.

At least 7 styles of tango, plus valz and milonga, are taught in Vancouver. One instructor whom I know teaches 4 styles seeming to keep them all distinct. Please have a look at the separate discussion of tango styles.

Buses 4 and 7 connect to downtown and to all arterial transit with frequent service all evening. 84 to Canada and millennium lines. Just a stroll to routes 9, 10, 14, 15/50 16

Parking: five parking places in the rear. Usual permit areas for modo and zip. Little chance for a car2go or evo at 10 o’clock, it’s a dead zone for both. On street meters $5. for 2 hours; open on-street for whoever gets there first. Lol. A bit of parking in the rear.

For information as Bistro Tango evolves please see either dancing argentine tango or Argentine Tango Dancing Casually.

Vancouver has many great formal milongas and practicas.  See the calendars on or  which list most events.

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