Beginning Argentine Tango

One approach is to use Youtube for a general idea of what’s going on.
Search “Howcast Tango”
Ana and Diego offer a few dozen figures and pointers.
I suggest: Embrace, Lead-Follow, Cadencia, 8 step Basico, and Ochos para atras.
Then move up to Ochos para aliente, Carousel, and Single axis turn right.
Having a partner helps make sense of it.

Beginning Argentine Tango

A person beginning golf starts on a putting green. Want to learn to ski, there’s a bunny hill for that. Sailing, head to Jericho dingy sailing centre and join a club there sailing lazers. The list goes on.

A person doesn’t start golf on a 6,500 foot course at a private club, skiing on double diamond runs, or sailing by racing a toronado at Jericho or wednesday evenings at RoyVan.

One does not start Tango by joining an elite group of tangueras and tangueros on a six week trip heading for Barcelona, St.Petersberg, or Buenos Aires.

Rock and Roll swing is very easy to learn, you’re dancing within 15 minutes, yet the over the back rolls take a lot longer. .

Argentine Tango takes longer to learn. Those who aspire to excel in any human activity must be passionate about it. But for most of us, learning tango simply requires a sense of music, a pragmatic approach, and a fair amount of time.

Having a regular partner with whom to practice is a good approach to any partnership dance, moreso in tango.

Tango has it’s own vocabulary. Spanish words like cabeceo ochos, and milonga. Might as well learn them early

We have a couple of dozen venues where people dance tango regularly, some weekly, some once a month.

Tango is very popular in Vancouverrr. It is also very co-operative which is one reason for its growing popularity. At most milongas and practicas, a counter is provided for brochures for similar events. One website allows many promoters to post their dances on the monthly calendar.

For a listing of venues where the writer, a Nuevo, has found it easier to blend in than at other venues, e-mail

……. Posted May 29, 2016