EarthQuake Vancouver December 2015

Earthquake Sydney, Victoria, Vancouver. December 29, 2015.
A 4.8 tremor rattled cupboards and woke people up at 23:39 hours PST.
It was scary in the area near Sydney, woke people in Vancouver, and was felt in Kamloops.
The federal government hosts a website where any individual can report an earthquake in detail.
This quake is a tremendous opportunity to map the geology of the lower mainland.
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It takes only a few minutes for each of us to provide this valuable information.
Please be sure to include the construction of the building in the remarks.
The difference between frame, brick, and concrete construction is very important.
Many square miles in the Vancouver region are on either Delta land or fill.
Many buildings are red brick and mortar.
Muncipalities are retrofitting bridges and schools for earthquake resistance.
Our input to EarthQuakes Canada is vital so that sound geologic advice can be provided to our political leaders.
Not that they are likely to listen. It won’t happen on their watch, so it doesn’t matter.
It is though 97% certain that both a great subduction offshore and sea level inundation of the delta will occur sometime.
We already know that fill and delta are terrible places to build anything.
Most of the buildings which collapsed in the most recent large San Francisco earthquake were built on fill in what had been the Bay to make a site for a world’s fair.
The tsunami from the 9 earthquake in Anchorage, and most of the damage there, were caused by fill.
Yet a 12 mile freeway-bridge system is planned entirely across delta, most of which is barely above sea level in 2015.
Some of it is actually floating on top of the river!
A new hospital is proposed to be built on land which was filled in during the 1920’s to provide a rail yard for CN rail.
And condo construction is rampant on both fill and delta, also near sea level.