English Bay Expo Line

English Bay Expo Line  –  Skytrain

Vancouver, L.A., Frisco – Worst traffic congestion in Canada or U.S.A.

English Bay – Slowest transit service in the lower mainland.

Celebration of Light English Bay Fireworks nights   HondaCelebrationofLight

Car less days, a street festival; no buses south of Robson.

Snow on the hills on robson and davie, more delays.

Major police event on davie, denman, or robson, no buses.

The nightly SOV crawl along pacific and denman to the lion’s gate.

Routes 5, 6, and 19 are busy 16 hours a day 360 days a year.

15,000 one way transit trips is a normal weekday.

Compare this with UBC which runs a full class schedule only 1 day out of every 3. The capacity of the west end buses at a point is equal to the 99 B-Line at sasamat, and far above the 97 B-line (the Evergreen route).

Tens of thousands of people live in the west end.

We leave a lighter carbon footprint by apartment living and non-SOV travel

We deserve better transit. We want a subway.

From burrard station, bore a tunnel.  (Cut and Cover is dead in Vancouver after the Cambie fiasco)

Two stations ‘Mt Robson’ at cardero, ‘English Bay’ at bidwell.

The expo line gives transferless service to chinatown, Roger’s, B.C. place, Burnaby.

The cost? 1/10th of the Canada line, 1/13th of the Broadway/UBC, 1/4 of the evergreen. Half of what we spent putting a new roof on a stadium.

Post a notice in your store window. Email your friends. Leave copies of the poster by your apartment mailbox. E-mail your MLA, Vancouver City Council, and Translink; and any media. Make it an election issue in all elections.  Present the idea at Council public hearings for new condos which keep adding population, residential parking, and cars to the west end. Talk it up in the coffee shops. Talk about it on the bus, in the supermarket, everywhere.

U can make it Happen!

E-mail         Andrea.Reimer @Vancouver.ca      Geoff.Meggs @Vancouver.ca         Hazel.Boydell @Translink.ca  S.ChandraHerbert.mla@leg.bc.ca

More details at www VancouveRRR .ca info@


Detailed Discussion

The expo line currently arrives at burrard street, then turns to a terminus at waterfront.

The line should fork west of burrard station. The new fork, which will be bored the full distance, goes to robson and cardero, then to davie and bidwell. One reason for not going further west is that denman street is at too low an elevation. Much of denman and georgia streets face flood threat. Think 2150, not just 2040.
By continuing on as the expo line, this will also provide transferless service from the west end to chinatown, VPL, the arena,  B.C. place, right to metrotown and beyond.
The cost? Two kilometres to be bored, two new stations, two trains. The Canada line had 70 blocks of cut and cover, an underwater tunnel as long as this distance, a bridge, and several kilometres of elevated line; as well as 20 trains and an entire maintenance yard; all for $2. billion.

The cost of the English bay expo line would be nowhere near what we spent re-roofing a stadium, probably no more than what is being spent on fair-gate.

The planned evergreen skytrain line includes boring a stretch at St. John’s street.  English Bay is a much smaller project.  Let’s do English Bay first then move the equipment to Port Moody.  Or, one need not wait for the other, the two can be interleaved.  Let the crews  hone their drill bits at English Bay, then move to Port Moody.

Current Situation

Tens of thousands of people live in the west end.
A high percentage of these residents rely on transit as their major transportation alternative to walking. Many moved from towns and smaller cities to be closer to St. Paul’s and VGH.  Some no longer have drivers licenses. Some managed to afford an apartment by selling the car which was a routine part of their daily lives in a town.
A growing percentage have decided to reduce their carbon footprint. They realize that home heating, air conditining, and personal automobile ownership are huge generators of CO2.   City of Vancouver publication says 2/3rds of the City’s CO2.  So they sold their large home in favor of a condominium. They sold their car, planning to walk to their village for shopping, and to use transit, or share cars, taxis, for other travel.
The capacity at a point, of four west end bus routes combined, in the 90 minute a.m. peak, is equal to that of the 99.
Routes 5 and 6 are busy 16 hours a day 365 days a year. Compare this with UBC which runs a full class schedule only 1 day out of every 3.

Their transit system, except for the transit exclusive lane on georgia, is the slowest in the region.
There is no bus service at all south of Robson on fireworks nights, gay days, car free days, and any street festival.

On Stanley cup riot nights, the subways, walking, or cycling were the only ways to get away from the chaos.

The distance to downtown is at most 2 km, even 1 km.
The $2.75 fare for such a short trip to downtown, on only one bus, is the highest in the system, between $1. and $2. per km. The opposite extreme in the Translink system is not much more than a dime.
The full loop, granville, davie, denman, robson; has 30 potentially red lights, one at every intersection, with zero priority for the buses except from smythe on granville. Metered curb parking is common. 20 bus stops add time.
The travel time, via summer routing, from denman and nelson to granville and pender is 20 minutes. It can be as slow as 6 km/h, just a brisk walking pace. 20 minutes is also the platform to platform travel time to downtown from bridgeport, metrotown, and when traffic is well managed park royal.
A peninsula monthly pass, valid only west of carral, would be a fair fare.  An economical pass valid only west of Carrall street would work really well.

Evening rush, sometimes traffic is ground to a halt by the personal sov’s heading to the lions gate bridge.   p.m. peak trips over the bridge offer bus space for 2,000 passengers per hour,  (more than the  99) yet two full lanes of cars go it alone. This is treated as a separate ‘Topik’.
TomTom ranks Vancouver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in a virtual tie for the worst traffic congestion in the U.S.A. or Canada. And the worst congestion in the region except for bridgeheads is on the bus routes of the west end.
http://www.VancouveRRR.ca Info@ april 10, 2013

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