Music Comments and Disclaimer

There is a wide selection of live music in Vancouver, some of it in pretty reasonable venues. This site focuses on live local musicians: jazz, blues, and big band. Double bass, saxophones, clarinet. Max one electric guitar. Not the major professional shows, Those which advertise heavily are covered in the general media.

Most venues have a variety of bands, so it’s also good to look at the band’s own websites, which usually show dates further ahead.


I have been to several of these places and enjoyed them enough to pass on the info. That’s all I’m doing, passing on information, not “Recommending” anything. In a few instances I’m relying on friends who have been there, augmented by Youtube etc. Some are listed based on information from Jeni’s newletter, thx Jeni. Things change, the venue may have vanished, gone condo; a new band or chef. Or the host may have decided to discontinue the event or be on vacation. And different people have different expectations and experiences.

So please check for yourself before going, or ask me regarding specifics.

I welcome all comments: corrections, suggestions, praise, criticism, or just thx.

Frank Jameson

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