Music Venues Additional Info

The days are highly variable, these were valid at various times.

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. Top class concert hall. See history on wikipedia. Frequent thursday and friday evening concerts by student groups, the UBC symphony, and a variety of high end performers. The website is complex. Symphonic winds – music for film on march 25 looks particularly interesting. Events may be at Chan, the recital hall, or the (old) auditorium. All are close together but allow contingency time in case the performance has been moved. Student performances are free. Parking $10.

The school of music at U.B.C. offers an endless variety of music. Sadly the school is like a pearl inside an oyster. Only the oyster knows that it is there. Frequent noon-hour concerts in october, november, february, and march. Wednesdays are professionals. Other days students. All student concerts are free to the public. Typically when I go to a noon hour concert, there are at most half a dozen people from off campus. Evenings at the Chan are better attended.

I once watched a doctoral candidate performing on piano for his degree. His hands flew across the keyboard as quickly as two squids. All of the attendees knew to enter on the left aisle so as to see the keyboard.

Concert Winds” is a terrific group. Start with a full symphony orchestra, remove the strings from the front except for maybe a double base, remove the percussion from the rear except for one individual to keep the rhythm. The resulting group is the “Concert Winds”. Well worth an evening. You can actually hear instruments like clarinets and the triangle.. I make a point to catch their performances. Also I like the two jazz ensembles.

Being a music school, they present pieces which you’ve probably never heard. They also do actual music styles which I’ve never encountered elsewhere, some of the time I can’t even really explain the instruments.. Anything from a ceremonial procession in Bangkok to equatorial Africa. Example the gamelan ensemble, Siamese ceremonial would be my description.

Backstage Lounge – The bands are quite different, my favorite is Swing Aggregation but some others were really good. Look the bands up on backstage’s website, then on youtube or the bands own website. There is often a dance floor on sunday, but not always.

Ten Ten Tapas – jazz wednesday through saturday evenings, 7 to 9:30, and sunday brunch. Featuring Gabriel Marc Hasselbach and Cory Weeds; several more whose names you may or may not recognize. Cordial atmosphere. Tapas menu, no pub grub here.

Music from the Scandinavian nations, sometimes visiting performers from Scandinavia.

St James Community Square – various entertainers leaning to Irish, Scottish, and Folk. Always lively.

Fairview Pub – John Nolan on drums anchors a trio plus friends, usually sax, maybe clarinet, one guitar, keyboard; vocals; some jazz; varies from week to week. 7 to 10 p.m. thursday only. $3. good pub grub.

Larson station at gleneagles golf course. Occasionally live music. Sometimes with Rob Weaver.

Wolf and Hound. Irish style, conversation dominates. Sit close to the band if you want to hear them.

Cellar Jazz – Cory Weeds, the proprietor, closed the Cellar at the end of February 2014. He now spearheads the “Cellar Jazz Society”. Cory continues to play his saxophone for our enjoyment at other venues around town. The Society sponsors major visiting groups.

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