The Subway and UBC’s Website

UBC’s website offers opinion and some data regarding the Broadway/UBC subway. Most of it is echoed from the KPMG report which is covered in a separate page on VancouveRRR.ca

http://planning.ubc.ca/vancouver/transportation-planning/transportation-options/transit/ etc. etc UBC.ca is an enormous site.

Many of the statements are glaringly wrong! Arithmetically false! The rest mis-leading.

Following is a Line by Line Rebuttal.

Text on the UBC Website


Reference Page on VancouveRRR.ca

The UBC-Broadway Corridor is the busiest bus corridor in North America.

In Vancouver the 99, 9, an 14 combined rank 3rd after burrard and granville. The 99 alone about 8th. The Holland tunnel under the Hudson river dwarfs broadway. Transpo in Ottawa similarly.

With 100,000 daily riders and 500,000 annual pass-ups by the 99 B-line, (demand for) transit along the broadway corridor exceeds current capacity.

Translink underservices the 99, therefore there are passups. Adding only 5 buses and changing service interval at commercial between 7:45 to 8:15 from 3 to 2 minutes would slash the pass-ups by 80%. Other bus solutions are better.

Adding more buses to increase the capacity of the current system is not possible given physical constraints (Peak service interval is 3 minutes).

Nonsense. On University Way to SFU the interval is less. That corridor has 500 more peak passengers than the 99. On burrard at georgia, and on granville at georgia, there is a bus every minute. On cornwall at cypress it is 2 ¼ minutes. Granville at broadway about 2. There are more buses through the Deas Tunnel in the a.m. peak than there are 99’s.

would further congest the route for vehicle traffic. Another alternative will be required to alleviate congestion.

Is UBC saying that the personal SOV has priority on the streets over a bus carrying 70 people? By eliminating left turns at burrard, granville, and cambie; reducing parking meters, extending bus lanes to 7 p.m. and better management of pedestrian lights, City of Vancouver can do far more to alleviate congestion on broadway than a subway would do.

As BC’s largest university, UBC is a regional destination for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and citizens from communities across the region.

UBC has 47,000 students. SFU has 35,000 and is located many miles closer to the eastern suburbs. There is direct bus service from West Vancouver and from Richmond. UBC could easily provide statistics for students, faculty, and staff by municipality.

55% of all riders along broadway travel to UBC.

Nonsense. Watch the number of passengers boarding and alighting at macdonald, granville, VGH, and cambie.

72% of all the trips to UBC are made along the corridor.

Absurd!!! The 99 b-line offers only 27% of the peak transit capacity into UBC. 4th avenue at alma has the same capacity, 41st avenue at dunbar 1,000 more, 16th ave is only 20% behind. The UBC subway would serve barely more than ¼ of the transit riders.

The 9 and 14 use the corridor, but replacing the b-line with a subway would not draw anyone from those local service routes.

Car traffic arrives by 41st, 16th, 10th, and 4th. I doubt 10th would be more than 30%.

related medical sites along the corridor including VGH daily

85% of the people coming to central broadway by transit are traveling north-south, not east-west. The 99/subway has only 1 stop at willow/heather. The 17 bus forms an L around VGH. The 99 has a few stops.

All supposed data offered is for days when UBC is running full tilt.

UBC runs full tilt only 1 day out of every 3! There are exam weeks and registration week, but at most 40% of the time is there enough demand for 50% of the existing capacity on all bus routes to the campus. A subway west of macdonald would run empty half the time, just as most buses do now.

The Planning Group at UBC should purge this material from the site. Instead they should offer links to sites addressing the situation: advocates, nay-sayers, and the one data-driven site VancouveRRR.ca.

Suggestions for this list: www.NoTransit.tax.ca www.VancouveRRR.ca www.Translink.ca www.Vancouver.ca www.Surrey.ca

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