Referendum Facts – Broadway Subway

Copyright 2015 Francis B Jameson

Reprint freely linking to as the source.

An Arbutus subway would increase travel time for more people than it would reduce it. It would introduce a trans-modal transfer at arbutus.

Compared to bus corridors in the Region, the 99 route doesn’t even make the top 5. Burrard and granville dwarf it. University Way to SFU, 41st to UBC, and the Deas tunnel are equivalent. “Busiest bus corridor in North America” is ludicrous.

City of Vancouver officially ranks transit as the 11th most important use of streets. Ambulance is # 5. Council loves food trucks, street entertainment, and parades, and water sliding down a major street.. Eliminate left turns at Cambie, at Granville, trim parking, adjust pedestrian lights. This would cut 15% off the Commercial to pt Grey trip time for the 99.

U.B.C. runs full tilt only 120 days a year. On 180 days a year most buses on all routes west of macDonald, except the 44, run empty. So would a subway!

The 99 carries 1,300 people per hour. The expo line 13,000. An expo/millennium line train carries 5 times as many people as a 99 bus. 1 train each 15 minutes in peaks. would handle all the people now riding the 99. 1 every 30 minutes other times.

85 % of the people going to central broadway are traveling north south, not east west.

No one from UBC pt grey commutes via the Canada line because there is a direct bus from pt grey campus to all but 2 of the Canada line stations from bridgeport to waterfront, providing much better service. Routes 480, 84 49, 44, 43, 41 33, 25.

Simon Fraser was built in Burnaby to provide shorter commutes. It’s student count is currently 70% that of UBC. SFU and Kwantlen are expanding in South Fraser.

Only 1 person in 4 commuting to UBC pt grey by bus rides the 99.

B-Lines on 4th, 41st, 49th, and Kingsway, with improved traffic management by the City, will match projected subway travel times for the full route. They will also take some load off the expo line which is bulging east of commercial drive.

Adding 5 trips from commercial in the a.m. peak would eliminate the passup problem.

U.B.C. is building a new diesel bus loop at pt grey. U.B.C.’s website cites the speed of the 44 bus route to downtown Vancouver. They have better use for $1B than this.

Within the operating life of this subway all existing road, rail, and air transportation from north of the Fraser to the rest of Canada and U.S. will be submerged!

Transit in Victoria, Kelowna, and other cities is subsidized by all B.C. taxpayers, but this “Fair” sales tax would be on Region residents only.

This money is nowhere enough for the subway and the light rail. If the voters pass this, provincial and federal money would also be needed, more taxation.

Supporting details can be found on

Or email January, 2015

A website listing current Translink ‘taxes’ is

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