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Information on Civic Issues in the City of Vancouver and in the Greater Vancouver Region.

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The Host and major contributor is Frank Jameson

Information is a critical component. Articles will attempt to focus on the facts, then draw conclusions from them.

Suggestions, Errors in Facts, Different Opinions,  Info @ VancouveRRR.ca. 

Sustained Discussion of a topic is the intention, attempting to address issues before they come to meetings of boards and councils, weeks, even years in advance. We hope to provide the decision makers with valuable information for them to consider in advance. Unlike the public hearing process at municipal councils which are held at the 11th hour and rarely influence the vote.

This contrasts with a daily newspaper which often deals in some detail with a topic which was voted on at yesterdays meeting, often providing good information to the public, but too late to affect the outcome. The paper moves on the next day to something which is “news”.

The six o’clock news gathers a few people’s opinions on a topic which is “controversial” and which may be of great significance, typically with little supporting data and ideally with footage of people carrying signs.  A good example is the G20 meetings where we aren’t even told which people attended or what the various nations interests appear to be, in fact not even which nations are in the G20. They then go to commercial break and move on to today’s weather or the sports scores.